City Guides and Maps Terms of Service

1. SERVICES: City Guides & Maps Offline (The Application) is owned and operated by Tom's Apps, LLC in New York, USA and provides mobile applications with maps and information about select cities.

2. CHANGES: These Terms of Use may change at any time and you will be bound by the most recent version, which is available at this location.

3. AGE: You are bound by agreeing to these Terms of Use to certify you are not under the age of 13 years.

4. USE: You may use The Application for non-commercial purposes. You may not use City Guides & Maps Offline in any way that is meant to disrupt or cause problems with The Application's services or with the usage of The Application by other users.

5. NO LIABILITIES: Tom's Apps, LLC offers no warranties or guarantees of service. The Application may be unavailable or fail at any time for any reason. Use of The Application is at the full risk of the user. Tom's Apps, LLC assumes no liability for any direct or indirect loss or damage that may result from use of this service and information obtained through it including, but not limited to dangerous activity, illegal activity, financial loss, physical harm, and emotional damage. Information provided by The Application may not be correct including locations of places and other information about places. Any dealings with any person or business entity contacted through The Application is at the full risk of the user and not assured by Tom's Apps, LLC. Tom's Apps, LLC offers no indemnity that use of The Application may violate the terms of service of other websites or any local, national, or international laws. You agree to indemnify Tom's Apps, LLC from any and all legal claims that may result from your use of The Application and its services.

6. THIRD PARTIES. The Application uses Google API's. By using The Application, you also agree to the Google terms of service which are at

7. TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP: Tom's Apps, LLC reserves the right to transfer ownership and operation of Vegetarious to any other party including all submitted material and user account information.

8. JURISDICTION: All use of The Application shall be governed by the laws of The United States of America and New York State.

9. QUESTIONS: If you have any question regarding these Terms of Use, email help AT vegetarious DOT com.

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